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Bent Skrubbeltrang

Studfarm Rendborg

Jeanette Nielsen

Studfarm Ny-Nørregård

Helene Soelberg

Studfarm Nøddegården

Steffi Kleis og Rune Svendsen

Studfarm Teland

Stutteri Rendborg

Stud Rendborg near Frederikshavn, is owned by fam. Skrubbeltrang. Pia and Bent and the daughters Katrine and Annika, who are keen competition riders. At the moment the stud have approx. 25 horses, which is a mixture of 1 Class mares and stallions, top competition horses, and a bunch of young horses.

Stud Rendborg is a young studfarm who has in 2012 elected the first Rendborg horse, including the first class mare Syrtla from Rendborg and especially Jarls's son Funi from Rendborg, which we have high expectations of the coming years. Stud Rendborg wants to breed durable horses with good distinct gaits and a good mind.

Studfarm Ny-Nørregård

Jeanette and Ole Nielsen are the owner of Studfarm Ny-Nørregård. We are both educated farmers with pigs as a specialty. Ole working on a farm nearby where they are selling breeding animals around the world. We have between 20 and 25 horses, and plenty of meadows.

Our breeding is based on graded mares. We have been breeding for 10 years and managed to get elected 6 offspring with surname Ny-Nørregård.  Especially Ástund who achieved 9 for tolt, trot, mind/will, form under rider and slow tölt just 5 years old.

Read more here: ny-norregaard.dk

Stutteri Nøddegården

The stud is today owned by Søren and Helene Soelberg. Despite our small no. of horses, we still managed to breed 4 first class stallions and achieved a 1st class election for offspring of Carmen from Kolkuos.

The Stud has also had the best breeding horse (in the class) 11 times. And we also had the great and unforgettable experience to see one of our stallions as a 3-time Nordic Champion and double World Champion.

We breed 2-3 offspring each year after carefully selected stallions and our brand is the Kolkuos-horse with a noble expression and large spacious gaits.

Read more here: Noeddegaarden.dk

Stutteri Teland

Stud Telander has its origin from Norway where Rune Svendsen started his breeding of Icelandic horses. In 2011 the stud moved its entire business to Denmark where it is now run by Rune and Steffi. Both have been active in breeding and in competition for years.

They have been Champions in Norway, German, European champions, European champions (ice) and Scandinavian Champions. Both have also been finalists at the World Championship. The breeding at Teland has for years been successful and many 1 class horses have come from the stud. The studfarm is especially known for delivering excellent 5-gaits with "extreme grades" for tolt and pace.

Read more here: Teland.dk