Jarl - a very

versatile stallion with great results in competitions!



Cell.: +45 20 16 46 26

Breeding season 2019!

Studfarm Teland DK and Studfarm Rendborg DK!

Monday March 11, 2019

Now you have the opportunity to book Jarl in 2018 for your mare. He will be covering at Studfarm Rendborg from April 1 - May 1 and at Studfarm Teland from May 1 - August 1. The price is 1.200 euro

+ grass, scanning and certification.

If you order the covering before April 1 you will get 10% off!

The price is the same whether you have a 1st class. mare or not. Everyone is entitled to have a offspring from Jarl !!!

This is your opportunity to have your best furture riding horse

You can contact Helene on email: helene@jarlframidkrika.dk or Steffi at Teland on email: Steffi@teland.dk for more information.


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